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Indonesia Overview

A variety of Indonesian food and beverage products have become favourites in the international market. Starting from snacks, canned food to milk and coffee. Processed seafood, spices, juices, to herbal products. Many of these products have continued to be in the taste of the international community. 

Indonesia has a competitive advantage in terms of food-beverage industry, considering that most of the raw materials are from agricultural products, be they livestock, agriculture, or plantations. The country excels in products such as shrimp, coffee, palm oil. In 2020, Indonesia's food and beverage trade balance experienced a surplus of US$ 2.49 billion, with total exports of US$ 4.34 billion. The largest export values include processed shrimp (10.62%), wafers (7.31%), and food preparations (6.84%), with the main destination countries being the United States, the Philippines, and Malaysia. 

It is estimated that the growth of the Indonesian food and beverage industry will continue to increase. The Indonesian government have emphasized that Indonesia will continue to diversify its products to meet the needs of the international market, especially during the pandemic. Indonesia's export record shows a notable growth in some processed food and beverage products (particularly beyond the flagship products of palm oil, coffee, and tea) between January 2020 and January 2021.


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