South Africa

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South Africa Overview

South Africa’s agro-processing sector is a key sector for its potential to spur economic growth and create sustainable employment, largely because of its strong backward linkage with the primary agriculture sector. Canned and frozen fruit and vegetables produced in South Africa are well-known internationally and indigenous Rooibos and Honey bush tea, as well as fruit and vegetable juices, are highly sought after in export markets.

With its rich biodiversity as the third most bio-diverse country in the world, South Africa is a highly viable source for natural ingredients, with unique opportunities and growing demand in international markets.

Natural ingredients are natural remedies and herbs, aromatic plants, essential and vegetable oils and extracts, spices, nuts, honey and other ingredients for the food, cosmetics, health and pharmaceutical industries. With the growing demand for natural ingredients at a global level, this sector has substantial export growth potential.


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